Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Assignment #3 International and Local TVC

International TVC-Nolan's Cheddar

Nolan's Cheddar, with the tagline "seriously strong" and "award winning cheddar since 1859" won the 2010 Best TV Advertisement Award. This TVC directed by UK film director, John Nolan.

Idea: Strong and Tasty
Concept: This TVC shows a mouse that can't stay away from the Nolan's Cheddar by eating that cheese and plays on the trap until he become a victim to the spring arm. A mouse become stronger after eating that cheese and he battles back with the trap. This TVC used three different songs to relate with the scenes, Top of the World by The Carpenter's, The End by The Door's and Eye of the Tiger by Survivor's. For the opening shots they used a real mouse and for the rest they used animatronics technique, which is robot made covered in silicon.

Local TVC-Astro

 All Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operator or known as Astro is the brand of Malaysian direct broadcast satellite and pay TV service. It transmits digital satellite television and radio to households. This TVC promotes Astro, where with Astro "knowledge makes your life richer."

Idea: Knowledge
Concept: This TVC shows a guy his name is Loh Hock Keong with low self-esteem. Nobody noticed him because he lack of knowledge. He looks small at their eyes. One day, he find an enlightenment by watching Astro and from that moment he get respect from everyone. He become from zero-to-hero.

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